Keeping Cables Tidy And Under Desks Clean


Keeping Cables Tidy And Under Desks Clean

Cables are often forgotten about, hidden away and are never really an issue on an average workday. However, when PAT Testing is carried out, untidy cables can lead to stress for both the technicians and customers. Here’s why:

Firstly, having untidy cables can increase the time it takes to test someone’s workstation, turning a 2-minute job into 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer! The longer we take in your work area, the less work you’re getting done on the clock.

Untidy cables can lead to incorrect units being unplugged. Here’s a scenario; Your colleague sitting opposite you is having their station tested, whilst you are halfway through an important document. Suddenly, your screen goes black – the PAT Tester has accidentally unplugged your computer! As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating and wastes a lot of time. All this can be avoided by simply having tidy cables.

Cables aren’t the only issue here. Having clutter underneath your desk is sometimes necessary, but can be a huge detriment when our team of electrical contractors are PAT Testing. This can restrict the technician’s ability to not only see where cables are going but sometimes prevent them from even being able to reach the plugs.

We are all guilty of having slightly untidy leads, whether at home or in the workplace. It can be a pain to keep them neat and tidy. Just remember, half an hour tidying up your cables can save time on all future work, including more than just PAT Testing.

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