Under Estimations And The Impact On Electrical Contractors


Under Estimations And The Impact On Electrical Contractors

If you have never had PAT Testing carried out before, knowing how much of your inventory you need to test can often feel almost impossible. This is especially the case for larger clients who operate in offices, warehouses and other large complexes. Make sure to allocate a good portion of time to count your items and keep stock of your inventory before our visit.

When inquiring, it is very important that you provide an accurate figure to our electrical contractors. At least once a week we experience a client who underestimates the quantity of PAT testing required. The knock-on effect of this error is substantial for our business and can often mean we cannot complete said task during a single visit.

Please ensure you check all items on your desks, not just computers or laptops. If your estimations are accurate and you have taken the time and care to be precise in your records, you will save your company and our electrical contractors valuable time during our PAT testing procedure.

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