What Equipment Do We Use To Carry Out Your PAT Testing?


What Equipment Do We Use To Carry Out Your PAT Testing

Portable Appliance testing is an important aspect of maintaining safety in any workplace.

At TECC Ltd., we use the latest equipment from Seaward, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, to carry out our testing.  The equipment our electrical contractors use is Seaward’s most advanced PAT Tester – Apollo 600.

These testers are highly reliable and efficient, featuring a built-in risk assessment tool that complies with the latest IET Code of Practice. Furthermore, our testers are handheld, battery-operated, and cause minimal disruption to clients during the testing process.

Apollo 600 is also compatible with Seaward PAT testing software – PATGuard 3 – allowing our electrical contractors to easily manage test records and produce reports.

A new addition to our PAT Testing equipment is the Test and Tag Elite 2 Printers, these are compatible with Apollo 600 and create individual barcode labels for items that have been PAT tested.

(This is an additional service we offer, please ask for more information if required)

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