Why Do We Calibrate Our Apollo 600 Testers Yearly?


Why Do We Calibrate Our Apollo 600 Testers Yearly?

Here at TECC Ltd, we use the latest equipment on the market, currently, we have all technicians carrying out testing on Seaward Apollo 600 testers. We have all testers calibrated yearly, this keeps the testers up to date with the current manufacturing specifications preventing inaccurate results and false readings. Keeping the tester calibrated ensures all items are PAT Tested – which means these are safe to use and the readings are accurate.

Every couple of months we use Seawards Seaward’s special PAT testing calibration checkboxes. These are designed to provide a fast and simple means of confirming that test readings remain effective during those working periods between yearly re-calibration.

Is calibration required by law yearly? No, this is not a legal obligation, but it does help with safety requirements and help to maintain the accuracy of the equipment. This extract can be found by the IET in the ‘Electrotechnical Assessment Specification for Use by Certification and Registration Bodies’

“The Enterprise shall be required to have a suitable system in place to ensure that the accuracy and consistency of all test instruments used for certification and reporting purposes is being maintained”

If you would like to talk to us about PAT testing, or other electrical services please contact us, our friendly team look forward to hearing from you.

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