Why You Need an EV Charger at Home


The demand for electric vehicles is increasing by the day, with a large number of drivers making the switch to cleaner, more sustainable options. However, one of the biggest concerns and blocks for potential electric vehicle owners in rental and flat properties is access to at-home charging.

The good news is the UK government’s Electric Vehicle Charge Point Grant can help! In this blog, we will explore the benefits of applying for the electrical vehicle grant, installing an electrical vehicle charger at home and learn more about how solar energy can elevate your installation tenfold.

What is the electrical vehicle Charge Point Grant?

Launched in 2022, the Electric Vehicle Charge Point Grant for renters and flat owners provides significant support for installing a charging point at your home. The grant covers up to 75% of the cost of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charger, capped at a maximum of £350. This can make a real difference in the overall cost, making home charging a more accessible option for many.

You can learn more about this grant on the HMRC website.

Benefits of Owning an Electrical Vehicle Charger at Home

Now that you’ve got the help you need to get an electrical vehicle charger installed, let’s look at some of the advantages of this investment:

Convenience: Home charging eliminates the need to constantly search for public charging stations, saving you time and frustration when a journey doesn’t go to plan.

Cost-Effective: Charging your electrical vehicle at home is significantly cheaper than using public stations. Domestic electricity tariffs are generally lower than rapid chargers, allowing you to fuel your car for less.

Green Charging: If you combine your electrical vehicle charger with a solar panel installation, you can take your eco-friendliness to the next level. By generating your own electricity, you can power your car with clean, renewable energy, further reducing your carbon footprint.

Increased Value: Homes with dedicated electrical vehicle chargers are becoming increasingly desirable to buyers and renters. Having this infrastructure in place can add value to your property.

Solar Panel Integration

As mentioned in the list of advantages above, there is a growing trend towards integrating solar panels with electric vehicle charging systems to take an even greener approach to your installation. Though this may increase the cost of your installation, here’s why this combination is a winning formula:

Self-Sufficiency: Solar panel installation will allow you to generate your own electricity, potentially powering your electrical vehicle and even your entire home. This reduces your reliance on the national grid and gives you greater control over your energy consumption.

Environmental Impact: By using solar energy to charge your electrical vehicle, you’re significantly reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. This not only benefits the environment but also helps combat climate change.

Financial Savings: The long-term cost savings of generating your electricity can be substantial. Over time, the reduced reliance on the grid can significantly offset your investment in solar panels.

Planning Your Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation

If you’re considering making the switch to an electrical vehicle you need to start thinking about your unique property needs. For example, will your electrical vehicle charger be primarily for short commutes and overnight charging?

If so, slow or fast chargers are ideal, offering a balance between speed and energy efficiency. A slow charger with a 6 to 12-hour charge time is perfect if you typically charge overnight. Need it quicker? A fast charger offers quicker charging – typically 1 to 3 hours – for more flexibility. It all comes down to frequency. Regular long-distance travel might benefit from a fast charger at home. However, for most homeowners, a slow or fast charger provides a good balance.

Still unsure? Our team can help!

TECC Ltd is a NICEIC-approved electrical contractor, keeping families and businesses safe across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our team is expertly trained by the NICEIC to install electrical vehicle chargers at domestic and commercial properties, ensuring the ideal solution for your needs.

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