TECC Ltd: Your Complete Electrical Service Provider

Founded in 2006 by electrician Peter McCallum, TECC Ltd has grown into a trusted team of over 20 professionals.

For almost two decades, our team has conducted PAT testing on over 5 million appliances, ensuring the safety of countless individuals and businesses. From one of our first clients – Led Zeppelin’s tribute band “Whole Lotta Led” (proudly still a client!) – to local businesses and government institutions, we cater to a wide range of needs.

We offer a full spectrum of electrical services, from PAT testing for a handful of appliances to large-scale rewiring projects – we can even complete solar panel installation! The appliances we test range from the smallest items, like a soldering iron in a lab, to giant restaurant fridges. For some clients we test just a handful of appliances. For large clients we can be testing thousands of items! 

Our expertise and reputation extends beyond service. Our founder, Peter, is a sought-after trainer for multiple organisations – including charities who want to PAT Test donated electrical appliances and the MOD – who want to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment.

If you need Electrical services from a trusted team of professional technicians then we can help. Our team is reliable, efficient, and dedicated to providing exceptional service. From installing or repairing broken sockets to full rewires, property extensions and even solar panel installation – we can do it all.

How we work for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)​

For new customers we always start with a blanket test of your entire business, then we can help you in one of two ways:

Why do our customers choose us?

If it’s got a plug on it, we can test it – and you can have peace of mind.

To talk to our expert team about PAT testing your electrical appliances, please get in touch today.