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All Portable Appliance Testing will be carried out in accordance with IET Code of practice. All technicians are fully competent in the Portable Appliance Testing they carry out, which ensures correct testing on all items and equipment made available to us on the day of the appointment.

Available Information

If available floor plans and fire risk assessments should be made available to our technicians on arrival at the job. These should be handed over by a competent or responsible person provided by the client at each site, this person should be available to our technicians at the beginning and end of job. Our technicians can then make them aware of any safety problems or potential hazards they have come across while carrying out the Portable Appliance Testing.

IT Equipment

All clients must ensure that any critical information or data has been protected or backed up prior to the start of the Portable Appliance Testing. This would include main IT suites and server rooms. IT equipment will need to be shut down by each individual user at the site, this will not be done by our technicians. The technicians will not take responsibility for the reboot or start up after testing has been completed. The equipment we use is battery operated and can not cause damage to IT equipment. We will not be made liable for items that have been correctly tested but are found to have a fault during testing or after.

Awkward Items

Equipment can only be tested if this is in reach of our technicians, heavy, awkward and inaccessible items will be visual tested only. Items at height will also need to be removed if they need testing prior to our technicians arriving on site. Ladders will not be provided by our company and technicians are not insured to use the clients ladder. (This can be discussed at time of booking if needed).

Repairs And Replacements

Any replacement plugs, and fuses will be charged at the following rates:

Fuse – £0.30 per fuse

Standard white plug – £4.00 per plug

Yellow 110v 16amp plug – £6.50 per plug

Blue 230v 16amp plug – £7.00 per plug

2 gang ext box – £4.00

4 gang ext box – £6.00

3 core extension cable – £1.00 per metre

These fees will be charged at time of invoicing, if paying on the day please make sure you have the correct amount before making payment to either the technicians or to the head office.


While carrying out the Portable Appliance Testing each item will be labelled with a barcode. We can also include the following information on the label:

If item passed or Failed

Date item was tested

ID Number which will correspond with the report provided once payment has been received.

Telephone No.

For construction equipment we do offer the following:

Wrap around water resistant labels – £0.08 per label

Clip on plastic tags – £0.95 per label

Please be aware if these labels are required the office staff need to be made aware of this at least one week prior to the appointment taking place.

Personalised labels can be designed at a cost £0.03 this can include information such as, Client Name, Client No. Please see table for designs which can be amended to suit the client.

Non-productive Testing

We reserve the right to charge an hourly rate of £27.50 per hour per technician for non-productive time, this would be where the technician is unable to perform testing due to circumstances outside of their control. Or where a technician is stood waiting around for rooms to be made available at a much later time than expected. This is where providing floor plans makes the testing run a lot smoother at the clients site.

Insurance and RAMS (Risk assessments and Method statements)

Insurance and RAMS

(Risk assessments and method statements)

Our company provides public liability insurance, these documents can be requested by the clients for their own Health and Safety purposes. Our technicians will not accept liability for the business interruption, loss of data or injury, loss or damage to appliances that are found to be faulty before or after the inspection and testing is carried out.

Report and Certificate

On receipt of payment, you will receive via email, a full report breakdown of all items tested this will be provided to you on an excel spreadsheet. You will also receive a certificate with the client’s name and address on, including number of items tested and dates carried out. This will be provided on a pdf document.

The renewal date on the certificate and report will be one year from when the testing is carried out. We do offer the service of a report analysis which costs £49.99. For this price you will receive a 5 year break down analysis on all items tested at a client’s site. This provides a projection of the testing which needs scheduling over the next 5 years.

Cancellation Charges

Please be aware if you need to cancel or re-arrange the appointment then we require 48 hours’ notice. (Mon – Fri working days only) If an appointment is cancelled within less than 48 hours’ notice a cancellation charge will be incurred for the time booked out for our technicians. The cancellation charge will be £84.00. If the appointment is cancelled on the day or at the site of testing a charge of £108 will be charged.  

Payment Terms

Payment terms are 14 days from job completion date if the amount is above £100. If amount is below £100 payment on the day is needed this can be done by, cash, cheque, card payment or BACS. If clients have longer payment structures, please discuss with our main office on the day of the invoice being created this can then be added to your account. Overdue payments for the service we offer will incur extra charges if not received within the payment terms agreed, these are in line with government regulations. An admin fees are based on the money owed, anything up to £999.99 will incur £40 anything over £999.99 will incur £70.

Replacement Item Costs:

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