TECC understands that when consumers consider solar panel installation, they often prioritise the physical systems based on factors such as reliability, efficiency, and cost.

To assist our customers in making informed decisions during this process, the TECC team has conducted thorough research and collated the most reliable solar panel equipment from trusted wholesalers. As a result of this investigation, we have built a Solar PV panels and Battery Storage showroom that allows potential customers to visit and test our available systems, accompanied by one of our solar panel installation experts.

Once a system has been selected, customers must ensure that they partner with a reliable, skilled, certified, and registered company for the solar panel installation process. To meet these requirements, we ensure that our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals, including the following:

  • NICEIC Approved Contractors – Registration No 610959
  • MCS Registration – Registration No NIC601025
  • For MIS 3002 – Solar PV Panel Installers
  • For MIS 3012 – Electrical Energy (Battery) Storage Systems
  • Public Liability Insurance – £5 million
  • RECC – Renewable Energy Consumer Code – Registration No 00074906

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How we can help you with renewable energy systems

When exploring renewable energy systems, we can assist customers with the following options:

Solar panel installation: involves installing solar panels on your roof and an inverter inside your property. This solar energy system enables you to maximise the energy you produce during the day. Once the system is in place, you can register with an energy company to sell any excess energy to the grid.

Solar PV Panel and Battery Storage: allow you to store excess energy during production hours, and use it later. You can also sell the excess to the grid through an energy company.

Solar Battery Storage Only: install a solar energy storage system to charge batteries during off-peak hours for use during peak hours, reducing daytime costs.

Bird/Pest-Proofing: is an effective measure to prevent issues with cabling and panels caused by nesting. It is recommended to perform this service during the initial solar panel installation as it is most cost-effective. We also offer repairs, equipment upgrades, and maintenance options, including solar panel cleaning and safety checks.

What packages are available?

Our Process

In an effort to make our solar panel installation process smooth and efficient, we have set up the following process:

1. Look through our packages.

2. Fill out our form and let us know your system preference.

3. Once we have reviewed your form, we will provide a written quote detailing the design and the equipment quoted for.

4. Book in to come and visit our LIVE solar showroom – during this visit, you will be able to see our available packages in operation.

5. Pay your deposit to secure your date and book in for your House Survey pre-installation.

6. Installation and Handover – we will work with you on the dates for the installation (the UK weather can be a challenge at times!).

The Benefits of Solar PV

Cost Savings: solar panel installation is a major investment that can significantly reduce your electricity bills. We will calculate the potential energy generation for your property, taking into account the direction your roof faces and any shading that may affect some or all of your roof. This will enable us to provide you with projections of potential energy savings.

Potential Earnings: excess energy can be sold back to the grid when not used. Taking into account potential usage and generation can mean that at certain times of the day and across various periods across the year you will generate more than you use – this can produce either an income and/or a credit with your energy supplier to use later in the year.

Energy Independence: investing in a renewable energy system reduces reliance on traditional providers. Combining Solar PV kits with electrical energy storage (batteries) increases independence further.

Increasing Property Value: Solar PV kits are a big investment – as such, they add significant value to a property. This installation has been proven to increase the value of a property when compared to a similar property without Solar PV installation.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: By switching to Solar PV, you can directly reduce your carbon footprint. Utilising the abundant energy of the sun that reaches our planet every day can help mitigate some of the harmful effects on our environment.

Inspiration: we have observed that after we install a Solar PV system on a property in a particular area, we tend to receive several inquiries from neighbouring houses. This eagerness seems to spread locally, inspiring and motivating others to take similar actions, resulting in a larger positive impact on the environment.